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    „Useful kitchen gadgets that will save you so much time
    Whether you’re an advanced chef, sous chef, or a newly minted quarantine chef, we’re all looking for ways to simplify our hours spent cooking and baking. There are some problems we’ve all experience—like keeping avocados fresh, peeling garlic, defrosting meat, and distributing even batter—that can easily be solved with a handy kitchen gadget. The best part? You can find all these top-rated gadgets right on Amazon for some quick shipping action.

    When thinking about saving time in the kitchen, the Instant Pot is the first gadget that comes to mind. Just throw your ingredients in, press a button, and come back in less than 30 minutes to a delicious hearty soup, meat, risotto, or steamed vegetable. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and more than 30,000 reviewers love how it’s multifunctional as it functions as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and saute pan. Since you can make different portion sizes, it’s perfect for single people or your whole family.

    Have you ever had trouble peeling, pitting, or slicing your avocado? If the answer is yes, then a 3-in-1 avocado slicer is an easy solution. You can easily peel, pit, or slice avocados, and reviewers love it because it helps prevent them from getting injured and can be cleaned with a little soap and water. One reviewer boasted that they were able to peel and slice an avocado in just under twelve seconds with this tool.

    Regardless of whether you want to save time frying or achieve the crispiest french fries with little to no effort, an air fryer will definitely save you time in the kitchen. As the best air fryer we’ve ever tested, the Phillips XXL is extremely user-friendly and makes incredibly crunchy french fries, fried chicken, and egg rolls in a snap. Reviewers also love it for its large capacity that can fit an entire family meal and its ability to cook quickly without needing to preheat.

    If you find yourself spending endless amounts of time chopping, slicing, cutting, or spiralizing vegetables, it may be time to invest in a multi-use vegetable tool. More than 19,000 reviews rave about this one for its ability to cut vegetables in different thicknesses and large collection bin. It also comes with four interchangeable blades that make cutting any vegetables—like tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and carrots—as simple as can be. One reviewer mentioned that they were able to cut ten plates of vegetables in less than ten minutes using this gadget.

    Best Cookware Sets, According to Food Network Kitchen
    We’ve been sautéing, frying and simmering in our test kitchens all day, every day for years. Using our pro experience, we’ve picked the perfect cookware sets for all kinds of cooks.

    Pots and pans are available in a wide array of materials, with and without nonstick finishes, and there are distinct differences between the various offerings when it comes to how they cook and their ease of use. While sets are sold at a huge range of prices, you don’t have to spend top dollar to get a dependable one that you’ll find a pleasure to cook with. Before you shop it’s important to get a handle on what you like to cook and for how many people, as well as your tolerance for scrubbing and the size of your budget.

    Copper cookware heats the most evenly and is the most responsive (meaning, take your pan of hollandaise off the burner and it stops cooking immediately so there’s no danger it will curdle). But copper is super pricey and requires a lot of upkeep if you want to maintain its bright, shiny finish.

    Next-best at heat distribution is aluminum. However, when you cook directly in aluminum some of the metal leaches into your food, giving it a gray-ish cast. The vast majority of aluminum cookware has some kind of finish, either enamel or nonstick, to prevent this from happening and also make it easier to clean. Some aluminum pans are hard-anodized, which means they’ve undergone an electrochemical process that strengthens and darkens the metal, protecting if from denting and stopping it from interacting with whatever you’re cooking. Aluminum cookware can’t be used on an induction burner unless it has a layer of stainless steel in the base.

    Stainless steel is prized for its beautiful appearance and durability. However, it’s a poor conductor of heat. Any stainless cookware “worth its salt” will be either clad, meaning it has an interior core of aluminum that extends through the base and up the side, or will have a layer of aluminum in the bottom to give even heating. Cookware made of stainless steel is pricey and grease splatters can be difficult to clean off.

    Nonstick cookware sets offer easy cooking and cleanup, especially for new cooks in the kitchen, but the coatings don’t last forever and some have concerns about their safety. Read on for how to choose the right nonstick cookware set for you.

    Pet Products You Should Be Selling Now
    It’s more than just love and companionship we seek in pets, it’s also stability. A familiar face to greet us when we get home or wake up; a constant to anchor us throughout other turmoils. That consistency extends to pet owners’ shopping behavior as well, making ecommerce pet products a stable market in any circumstance — even the turbulent 2020.

    While most other industries have seen unpredictable upheavals this year, the pet market has remained reliably reliable. The U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2020-2021 said directly that “the pet industry stands out as famously recession-resistant.” How? They attribute more time spent at home with pets incentivizing more “gifts,” as well as the heightened priority of online shopping over public stores.

    1. Dental Care Toys, Treats, and Toiletries

    Maybe all this extra time at home is giving extra attention to our pets’ breath, explaining the rise in searches for pet dental care: teeth-cleaning toys and treats, not to mention dog toothbrushes.

    One of the advantages of pet toys and treats for dental health is that they improve upon the standard toys and treats. They do everything normal toys and treats do, and more, making them more attractive to shoppers than “normal” toys and treats. They’re perfect for upsells or even replacing poor-performing pet toys and treats.

    2. Novelty Pet Beds

    Pet beds have been trending for a couple of years now, so much so that they birthed a submarket in novelty pet beds. Going beyond just a “floor pillow,” modern novelty pet beds have fun shapes and themes with anything from pop culture references to extra cuteness. More good news for online retailers is that these bigger beds come with bigger price tags as well.

    More than any other item on this list, pet beds cater best to niche markets. Health-conscious pet owners can buy orthopedic pet beds, stylish pet owners can buy modern-style pet beds, sci-fi pet owners can buy Star Wars pet beds. The better you understand your target shoppers, the more you can cater to them.

    3. Multifunction Biting Toy

    Pet toys generally have a steady demand, but one of the newest types of pet toys is gaining popularity quickly at the moment. Referred to as “multifunction biting toys,” these dog toys combine different types of biting toys into one. While they look simple enough to humans, for dogs they promise a variety of entertainment options.

    Multifunction biting toys are easy to market: you can promote them as multiple toys for the price of one, or you can highlight how dogs love them more than traditional toys. While the name is not yet well known and somewhat disputed (it’s commonly referred to as “molar bite toy”), you can use other popular keywords like “interactive pet toys” or “self-playing dog toy.”

    Best Outdoor Sports
    Although most sports are usually considered as leisure activities, almost all of them can be used as a form of exercise. This is more so true for outdoor sports, which in many instances, let you do more tasks and in the process, your body gets to work on a lot of muscles. Additionally, these sports are fun to engage in and with this in mind; I suggest these as the best outdoor sports that you can engage in.

    Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor sports because it is fun and offers a great workout. It usually starts out on training wheels as kids for most people, then turns into a means of getting to work early.

    I recommend cycling because you can take your bike on the trails when you head out for camping, or ride on pavements along the streets. Regardless of how or where you ride, you can burn as much as 400 calories on fast pace or 200 calories on a slow pace per hour.

    Other cycling benefits include:

    An increase in lower body strength.

    Cardiovascular fitness.

    Improving balance and coordination.

    Therefore, if you ride your bike to work, you are doing your body a lot of good. In fact, if just a third of all short car journeys were made through cycling, heart diseases would fall by 5 — 10%.

    Paintball players often have too much fun to realize that they are actually exercising their bodies. This is because as a player, you coordinate all your body muscles, just like when you carry out day to day activities and this is why you may not feel the work our effect.

    Below are the ways that this outdoor sport benefits your different body parts:

    Legs: as you evade your opponents, you get to run a lot, squat, crawl or even crouch. In the process, your hamstrings, calves and other leg muscles get to work and grow stronger.

    Arm: Holding up your paintball gun when aiming at your target works almost all arm muscles such as biceps and triceps increase their strength.

    Heart: Paintball raises your adrenaline levels and gets your pump working at max speed because of your fear of getting hit. This keeps your heart in very good condition.

    Rounding Up The Usual Suspects
    If you are a parent with a kid playing sports, you know how expensive sports are these days. According to a 2013 TurboTax study, parents pay $671 per year for their child (ages 6 to 16) to participate in sports, and the cost seems to go up every year.

    The expenses of sports are seemingly never-ending: equipment needs to be replaced, new uniforms purchased, and what feels like endless checks written for everything from travel expenses to replacing water bottles that get left behind on fields. And the newest checkbook drain for parents, school spirit-wear, is a tough one to say no to, when it raises money for the school itself!

    There are many hidden and unanticipated expenses for kids' sports as well, which seem to come out of nowhere and are hard to budget. Where does the money come from to attend an overnight tournament once a child has made the travel soccer team? What about the $40 per week spent on ice cream and dinners out with the other team parents. How about the cost of gas for driving to tournaments that, many times, are over an hour from home! Neeless to say all hese costs do add up.

    These are the unanticipated, hidden costs that can undermine a team or a family’s budget, leaving parents (and coaches) concerned about how to afford children’s sports next year.

    Ice hockey. Hockey parents won’t be surprised that their sport ranks number one, averaging $595* for basic equipment costs. The added expenses are due to the amount of protection players need to prevent injuries such as a helmet ($110), shoulder pads ($80), and elbow pads ($80).

    Boys' lacrosse: One of the fastest growing sports is also one of the most expensive. On average, a set of lax gear costs $565 with the helmet being the most expensive piece of equipment at $200.Top Five Most Expensive Sports pie chart

    Football. Like ice hockey and lacrosse, football is another expensive sport to play, mostly because of the same reason: it requires a lot of protective equipment. The average cost for equipping a youth football player is around $558, with most of that being for a helmet (around $200, but costing as much as $350) and for shoulder pads ($200).

    Baseball. Even though baseball does not require a lot of protective equipment, bats can be very pricey. The average cost for baseball gear is $385 with a bat costing around $230.

    Field hockey. Last but not least, field hockey is the fifth most expensive sport on the list at $275. Field hockey sticks are among the priciest ($90) and in recent years goggles ($50) have become required for additional protection.